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Digital Marketing

Social Media Management   

Engage with potential customers and stay connected with loyal customers! Social media is the fastest and effective way to grow your brand awareness. Uploading images and videos in a well organised and managed social media account will attract audiences. Social media gives opportunity for your brand to perform its colour, voice and content freely. After figuring out your brand’s concept and identity, we schedule and design your feed with a consistent concept. Sharing brand stories and uploading eye-catching contents are our job to form a connection between your brand and audiences.

Social Media Ads   

After generating brand awareness by social media management, running advertisements is the next step for your brand for reaching out to target audiences.

Brand awareness is a starting point for brand growth which mean it is not enough to yield revenue. Using the data and insights, targeting is planned exquisitely to boost the lead generation, conversion and finally sales. We identify and suggest the most cost-effective strategy that works best for your budget base on your advertising goal.

Google Ads

Are you ready to beat your online competitors, attract more clients and increase traffic on your website?

Google ads are the best and fastest way to expand your brand’s online reach and strong presence.


  • Search Ads: Appears on the top among the search results. It is operated by providing brand information, unique stories and promotions in action. Leads customers to click on your link or immediate call using their mobile.
  • Display Ads: Banner ads called Google Display Network, GDN is operated by setting targets to increase new audience and used for re-targeting. Image, text, video or any type of advertisement will be exposed in many platforms and communities online.
  • YouTube ads: Video ads that are exposed to targeted audience before watching a content on YouTube. The way of advertising the video is various depending on the length and purpose. Your video will be played effectively to spread the brand’s message.
  • Shopping Ads: Appears above the search results when people search for things they are interested in. There are countless Your products will be exposed among the countless shops online to potential customers and will draw their attention.


Spend less budget to reach potential customers! We are experts at running Google ads that fit your brand and planned budget. Providing up to date campaign performance for monitoring data and analysis to achieve marketing goal.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Increasing your website’s organic traffic, sales and conversions can be done through improving your brand presence on search engines. SEO enables your brand to be introduced in the world about your existence by exposing the website higher than your competitors on the first page when searching keywords related to your brand.

Over 4 million searches are made on Google everyday which means it is the most relevant and reliable search engine that leads people to trust their information. SEO is what you need to start right now in order not to stay behind your competitors. We are living in a competitive world, moreover competitive Google world. Building a professional SEO strategy and analysis will take your brand ranking on top.


We pull you out of the darkness from invisible page and place you in front of your customers, leading the way to your website by:


  1. Conduct a research and analysing the brand, website, industry and target audience are the first step. We list up the relevant keywords for your brand’s ranking on the page.
  2. Website optimisation is the most important work for being on the top rank. Website performance factors and functions such as UX and UI, mobile friendly environment and speed are monitored and fixed. Your website should be easy to follow and easy to read or acquire the desired information.
  3. Creating trustworthy and relevant contents to match the keywords enables your website in the best condition for being crawled and indexed by Google.


Our job is to  gain more viewers on your website, increase traffic, optimise your pages and boost your website’s ranking.

Playing hide-and-seek is not fun anymore, let’s play interesting game in the Google World with rank-on-top game.

E-mail Marketing

How effectively are you using email for marketing?

Since countless annoying marketing emails are being ignored in our inbox, many of you might think email marketing won’t work. But what makes email marketing as the most effective marketing tools when used well is that it allows you to speak directly to customers who have shown interest in your brand. Sometimes, email marketing is used to deepen and enhance relationships with current or customers.

We help you build relationships with customers through customized strategy, design and content of emails. Segmenting relevant customers for particular email contents and for a new product, we design attractive advertisement and investigate your website to update the page for the product where customers start to have interest and that is the final destination for sales.

So it is simple! With a single click of curiosity, your customers will unwittingly enter the purchase journey.

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