3 Trending SNS Marketing Tips

3 Trending SNS Marketing Tips

1. Collaborate With Micro-Influencers

Influencer marketing is already one of the emerging marketing tactics and will continue to be one of the strengthened SNS marketing methods in the future.

Some marketers may feel burdened when thinking about influencer marketing. The pressure of paying a large amount of money to famous influencers can be overwhelming. However, focusing on micro-influencers can be more effective as they bring a significant impact.

If the identity that micro-influencers pursue matches the brand identity, their followers will pay attention to your brand and take action. A micro influencer is an individual who has a modest social media following, ranging from 1,000 to 100,000 followers, but who actively engages with their audience. They often specialize in a particular field, such as fashion, beauty, food or travel and possess a unique expertise that can greatly influence their followers’ buying decisions.

Generation Z (Gen Z) determines their shopping categories based on the products recommended by influencers. Micro-influencers can provide more trust and authenticity to their followers than macro-influencers, so it is worth considering as a marketing strategy.

2. Continuing Importance of Short-Form Video

Tiktok! Reels! Shorts!

Short videos are what social media users spend the most time on. Brands or individuals convey their videos and messages to viewers in short videos lasting less than a minute. Creative and innovative videos will capture viewers’ attention, and various forms of marketing such as memes and challenges that are popular in that world will benefit brands.

Since videos are exposed based on algorithms according to viewers’ interests, they have the opportunity to reach their desired target audience.

And one more thing! Just editing videos impactfully doesn’t capture viewers’ attention. Audio is the key point.

Appropriate music, sound effects, voiceovers, etc. play a role in decorating videos. The music used in the background according to the timing of the actions in the video, the sound effects that give fun in the middle, and the voice of the person who does storytelling are elements that allow viewers to focus more on the video.

A well-explained product or brand with a human voice can increase trustworthiness. Proper use of audio can also make a video memorable and improve its overall quality.

3. Get Familiar With Communicating Through DM

Appropriate action buttons that meet the needs of customers encourage engagement. Among them, DM is a common communication method, but some brands are still hesitant to communicate through DM.

However, what we need to continue focusing on is that people solve many things on social media. They would also want to resolve their understanding and curiosity about brands in that same space.

Instagram added “add message” feature among posting options and the fact that Instagram has added this button indicates that social media platforms encourage brands and customers to communicate directly through their platforms. Responding to potential or existing customers’ questions via DM, customized to their specific needs, is becoming one of the SNS marketing trends.

If customers see a “send message” button while viewing an interesting post or reel, they are more likely to comfortably ask questions. Using DM as a messaging tool may become more familiar to everyone than making inquiries by phone or email. Therefore, DM is not just a trivial method but rather an important marketing tool. When customers see the “send message” button, they may perceive the brand as being more open to communication, making it easier and more approachable to send messages. This small button can trigger sales and contribute greatly to increasing brand value.

The only thing you need to prepare for is how you will respond to customer messages. It would be great to provide a service that differentiates from other companies in this aspect. Will you use a quick response time as your weapon, or will you focus on customizing and empathizing with each customer’s questions and stories? Focusing on various elements and being able to respond to messages is essential before responding to the next trend.

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